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Hi there! I’m Pippa, an 18-month-old Golden Retriever with a specialization in snuggle therapy.


I believe most things can be solved with ear scratches, cookies, and puppy kisses and am looking forward to sharing my expertise in these areas with you!


I completed my training in November of 2020 and am a Certified Good Dog (aka Canine Good Citizen). I started my work as a snuggle therapist in December of 2020.


At work I’m primarily in my office working with individual counseling clients, but you might also see me spreading smiles around the practice!


When I’m not working, I like to play with my horse siblings, swim in lakes, eat ice cream with my parents, and socialize with friends at the park! I’m excited to get back to work at Friendly City Psychology and look forward to seeing you soon!


If you have concerns about allergies or fears, please talk to your clinician.


Pippa Louise Meade, CGC

Therapy Dog

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