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Full-time Licensed Clinician 
Friendly City Psychology is searching for a full-time licensed clinician to join our thriving group private practice in Harrisonburg, VA. The primary responsibilities of this role will involve conducting initial diagnostic intakes and providing individual counseling sessions. Additional professional opportunities are available based on clinician interest and professional experience.
Minimum Qualifications
Qualified applicants will be licensed in Virginia as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Qualified unlicensed clinicians will be considered if they are eligible to be licensed on their first date of employment.
Desired Qualifications
We want a colleague who appreciates a good sense of humor, wants to be a part of a healthy community, loves sharing good food, and has a passion for providing high quality mental health services. We want someone who enjoys consulting and collaborating with colleagues and works well autonomously.
We pay people what they are worth to do what they love. Our compensation package has a built-in minimum salary with bonuses each pay period based on the amount billed. We all contribute to the success of the practice. As far as we know, our contract is the most competitive one in the market. Compensation depends on several variables (e.g., how many sessions you provide, what types of services you provide, what the reimbursement rate is, etc.). However, a conservative compensation range can be determined using the average of our reimbursement rates for individual counseling sessions. For example, if a licensed clinician provides 20-25 individual counseling sessions a week and takes 4 weeks of leave a year, LPCs would be paid approximately $72,000 - $100,000 and LCPs would be paid $96,000 - $120,000. However, it is possible to make more than that and maintain a healthy work-life balance. We have a very low minimum billing requirement and encourage everyone to prioritize what is important to them in life. 
The practice pays for all the business, administrative, and operating expenses, as well as the employer contribution for payroll taxes, licensure renewal fees, continuing education, and professional liability insurance. We provide furnished offices, all the necessary software, subscriptions, EHR platform, equipment, and marketing and advertising materials. We have an amazing office manager who provides customer service, administrative, credentialing, and billing support. We also offer health insurance, dental, and vision benefits. The autonomy and flexibility this position provides is hard to find in any other system. You get to create your own caseload, pick the populations and clinical issues you want to work with, and design your own schedule. Many of our clinicians work four days a week.
About Us
We are proud of the community we have created and want to make private practice healthy and sustainable. We’ve tried to accentuate the aspects that make private practice appealing and minimize what makes it challenging. You don’t need private practice experience to make a meaningful contribution to our staff. Everyone on our team brings a unique perspective and expertise. However, if you have a particular expertise related to private practice, we’d love to learn from you. We have created a community that provides as much support, care, and resources for each other as we do for our clients. We also make time to schedule long lunches outside of the office throughout the week to support our mental health and our local restaurants! Our main goal is to create an environment where you enjoy what you do and look forward to coming into work every day.

Start Date

We are flexible in exploring start dates and the timeline for transitioning to the practice. 
Application Materials
Email a cover letter and resume to:

Jerrod Koon, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Owner

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