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What to expect from the testing and evaluation process and what to know about how to prepare for your scheduled appointment 

Testing & Evaluation Process

The length of your appointment and procedures involved in your evaluation depends on the type of evaluation you have scheduled. Below is general information involved in all evaluation processes at Friendly City Psychology.


The initial portion of your appointment will involve meeting with Chelsea Latorre, Ph.D. for a diagnostic intake. She will focus on gathering information about your specific concerns and complete a biopsychosocial history. This information will assist her in determining the appropriate assessments to administer as well as provide useful information that provides context for diagnostic clarification in regard to your issues. 

Assessment Administration

The assessment administration component of the evaluation will occur following the intake. You will complete a variety of assessments based on your presenting concerns and the referral question. Assessments may include self-report measures, objective measures, and standardized assessments.  


One component of the evaluation process may involve consulting with other individuals in your life who have relevant information to share. That could include professionals (such as teachers, physicians, mental health providers, etc.) or other individuals in your life (such as a partner, spouse, or parent).  

Record Review

When applicable, we will review previous educational, testing & evaluation, mental health, and/or medical records. We will ask that you provide us with any records that are relevant to your evaluation to obtain a comprehensive view of your presenting concerns. Some examples include:  

  • If you are enrolled in an academic program, please bring academic transcripts (unofficial or official) from high school, college, and any graduate programs.  

  • If you have had a previous psychological evaluation completed, please bring a copy of the report from that evaluation to your appointment.  

  • If you have had specific medical appointments/procedures (I.e., sleep study, blood paneling for thyroid, etc.), please bring medical documentation of the findings of these procedures/appointments.  

Feedback Session

At the conclusion of your assessment appointment, we will schedule a feedback session to discuss your evaluation results. This appointment will be scheduled approximately 2-3 weeks after the completion of your assessment appointment. During that session, we will discuss your evaluation performance, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations to address any identified difficulties. You will receive a detailed written report outlining the evaluation results.  If appropriate, we will also provide referrals to professionals or services (including therapy, additional assessment, and medication). Release of your evaluation report to appropriate entities (I.e., referring provider, clinician, academic program) will be discussed during this session.  

Considerations for your appointment


You should receive a link to our secure client portal to complete your intake paperwork. Paperwork must be completed 48 hours before your appointment.*


Do not take any stimulant medication 18 hours before your appointment.

Basic Needs

Try to get a good night's sleep and eat a full breakfast or lunch before your scheduled appointment. Feel free to bring snacks with you to your appointment.


Bring any relevant records to your appointment that would be pertinent to the referral question. Review the "Record Review" section above for more information.

Check In 

When you arrive for your appointment at 1741B Erickson Avenue, check in on the iPad in the waiting room.

*If you don't receive your link, check your spam folder. Contact Chelsea Latorre, Ph.D. if you have any problems. If your paperwork isn't completed 48 hours before your appointment, we will contact you to reschedule.

Contact Chelsea Latorre, Ph.D.

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