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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychological Testing 

Am I an appropriate candidate for psychological evaluation?

Our evaluations help to clarify diagnoses related to concerns of inattention, distractibility, and fluctuations in mood for individuals 12 years of age and older. Most of our evaluations are scheduled from referrals made from physicians and psychiatrists who have patients attending their office with concerns related to ADHD. We also receive referrals from academic programs who are helping connect students to providers to obtain formal documentation of a diagnosis prior to providing academic accommodations. In addition, we receive referrals from counselors and other mental health professionals who encourage their clients to obtain a formal evaluation to help provide diagnostic clarification to guide treatment planning. If you believe you could benefit from a psychological evaluation, contact Chelsea Latorre, Ph.D. to discuss the appropriateness of assessment for your concerns, the assessment process and scheduling.  

What issues do we assess for in psychological evaluations? 

Our psychological evaluations help answer referral questions pertaining to:  

  • Attention/executive functioning concerns 

  • Mood-related/psychopathology concerns 

  • Differential diagnoses 

  • Diagnostic clarification 

The comprehensive evaluations assess for aspects of ADHD, general cognitive functioning, psychiatric concerns (including mood related disorders, OCD, and personality disorders), and trauma. Student evaluations also include assessment for academic achievement. Our assessment battery may include a screener for autism spectrum disorders and/or memory concerns; however, diagnoses related to autism spectrum disorders and memory functioning will not be provided. Instead, a formal referral will be made to an appropriate provider should these screening assessments indicate significant clinical concerns.  ​

Are evaluations in-person or virtual? 

We are currently only offering in-person evaluation appointments. The assessment component of the evaluation must be completed in-person; however, the diagnostic intake and the feedback session could be scheduled and held virtually. If you are interested in these virtual aspects of the evaluation, let us know at the time of scheduling so that accommodations can be made.  

What concerns would NOT be appropriate for an evaluation appointment with Friendly City Psychology? 

We do not offer comprehensive evaluation for the following concerns:  

  • Autism spectrum disorders 

  • Neurocognitive disorders 

  • Thought disorders/psychosis  

If these concerns arise throughout the evaluation process, a diagnostic rule out will be warranted and a referral for additional testing will be discussed.  

In addition, we currently do not offer:  

  • Evaluation services for children younger than 12 years old  

  • Evaluation services in languages other than English 

  • Forensic evaluations 

  • Military/police admissions or entrance evaluations 

  • Bariatric evaluations 

Do I need a referral for a psychological evaluation? 

Many of our psychological evaluation requests come from physicians and psychiatrists referring their patients to us for diagnostic clarification through psychological testing. However, a referral is not necessary for you to schedule an appointment for a psychological evaluation. The only exception is if you have Tricare PRIME insurance. If you have Tricare PRIME insurance, you will need to contact your case manager with your insurance to discuss a referral authorization to our office for psychological testing. If this process is not completed, your insurance may not cover the costs of the appointment, or you may be responsible for a larger portion of the costs of the appointment.


Contact our office manager, Reina ( if you need additional information regarding your Tricare PRIME insurance plan or have any questions about this specific type of insurance.  

How long is your waitlist?  

We do not keep a waitlist. However, we do monitor a cancelation list. If you have scheduled an appointment, you may be added to the cancelation list by request. In order to be placed on the cancelation list, you must have completed all of your intake paperwork. You will be notified at least 2 days prior to an appointment that becomes available.  

How long does the evaluation process take?

The evaluation process is separated into two parts: a formal assessment and a feedback session. The assessment process takes between 4-5 hours but may take more or less time depending on your specific presenting concerns. The feedback session is scheduled 2-3 weeks following your assessment appointment, and this appointment takes up to 1 hour. Any additional consultation appointments can be scheduled, by request and appropriateness, following the feedback session.  

How much does a psychological evaluation cost? 

Fees for psychological evaluations vary depending on your specific insurance plan. Our office manager will contact your insurance to learn more about your specific plan benefits and coverage. You will be responsible for any deductible, co-pay or coinsurance that your insurance does not cover. Prior to scheduling an appointment, our office manager will contact you to notify you of the anticipated coverage and your estimated out-of-pocket fees for the appointment.  

What insurances do you accept? 

We accept Anthem/BCBS, Aetna, TRICARE, and Optima insurances. We are not in-network with Aetna Medicaid plans (Aetna Better Health) or United, or Cigna insurances. If you have an insurance that you don’t see listed, contact Chelsea Latorre, Ph.D. (540-228-0414) with your insurance information and our office manager will contact your insurance to determine coverage.


See our webpage on “Fees” for more information. 

What is your payment policy? 

After providing your insurance information, we will contact your insurance to verify your benefits and learn of your coverage. Our office manager will contact you with an estimated cost for the evaluation so that you are aware of the fees prior to your appointment. A minimum of 50% of the fees quoted to you is due at the first appointment with the remaining 50% of the fees due at the feedback session. Payment plans, if appropriate, can be explored and discussed.  

What is your late cancelation fee and rescheduling policy?

If you no-show for your appointment or do not provide at least 48 hours notice of rescheduling or cancelling, you will be responsible for paying 50% of the total amount of your assessment (this is not covered by insurance and the total amount of the assessment is the cost of the assessment without insurance coverage). That penalty must be paid before another assessment session is scheduled. 

Contact Chelsea Latorre, Ph.D. directly if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you reschedule or cancel more than 48 hours in advance of your appointment, you will not be charged.  

What documentation should I bring to the appointment? 

See our webpage on “Preparing for Your Testing Appointment” for more information about appropriate documentation to bring to your appointment.  

How long before I get my evaluation results and report? 

At the end of your assessment appointment, you will schedule a feedback session with Dr. Latorre. The feedback session is typically scheduled 2-3 weeks following your assessment appointment. The feedback session can be held virtually or in-person. The feedback session is scheduled for 1 hour and will inform you of diagnostic impressions, evaluation performance, and recommendations for treatment planning.  

How can I get a copy of my evaluation report sent to a provider/other entity? 

Contact Chelsea Latorre, Ph.D. and express interest in releasing your report to your provider. We will send you an online link to complete a release form. On this release form, indicate the entity you wish for her to send the report. Note that reports can only be mailed or faxed. Email is not a confidential means of sending your protected information; however, if you prefer and request that your report be sent via email, let us know.  

Contact Chelsea Latorre, Ph.D.

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